Savings Accounts

Primary Share Account

Your primary share account is the foundation of your credit union membership. A primary share account is the same as a savings account. Once you have a primary share account all of the services that Academic Federal Credit Union has to offer are at your fingertips. To open your account and start reaping the benefits of membership, click here.

Club Accounts

Vacation Club Account

Why pay for vacation with a credit card when you have the ability to save for it? Open a Vacation Club Account today and start planning your next get-a-way! Add money to your account throughout the year, even automatically, so that when it's time for vacation, you use the money in your account instead of your Line of Credit. You can withdraw the money from your account whenever you need it.

Christmas Club Account

The holidays can be stressful and expensive, don't let your finances add to it! Start saving for the holiday expenses instead of charging them. Open your Christmas Club Account today and start saving! Funds are deposited once-a-year into your Academic FCU savings account on the first Thursday in November.

*Please use our secure Contact Us Form to open a Vacation Club or Christmas Club Account.

Custodial Account

A Custodial Account is a savings account for a minor child with an adult (over age 21) as the custodian. The account is set up under the minors’ social security number and date of birth. The money in the account is under the control of the custodian until the child reaches legal age. (The legal age is currently 18 years old.) You can opt to extend the legal age on the account to 21 years old.

*There may be tax advantages to this type of account under the "Uniform Transfer to Minors Act." Consult with your tax advisor if this is an advantageous account for your family.

In Trust for Accounts

An In Trust For (ITF) account puts the funds firmly in the hands of the owner of the account. It functions the same as a regular share account with an extra layer of access once the owner expires. ITF means the funds are in trust for another person(s). That person is the named Trustee(s). The trustee(s) has no access during the account owner’s lifetime. The advantage of an ITF account is that the funds in the account do not become part of the account owners’ estate, instead they go directly to the Trustee(s) who then has immediate access.

Money Markets (Share Certificates)

Share Certificates

We offer a variety of Term Share Certificates to help you reach your financial goals. Certificates earn dividends at higher rates than savings accounts, and have pre-determined maturity dates.

12 Month Liquid Share Certificate

Unlike traditional Share Certificates, our liquid Share Certificate is restriction free, meaning you can deposit additional funds into the account at any time for no fee. What truly makes our liquid share certificate so remarkable is that you can also withdraw money, once a month, for no fee at all. Try doing that at a bank!

Flex Share Certificate

Our Flex Share Certificate is another great savings option because you can deposit money into the account whenever you want, without extending the maturity date. Perfect for members who are trying hard to boost their savings, you can set up your account so a set amount of each paycheck is dispersed into your Flex Share Certificate Account.

Traditional Share Certificate

We offer 15, 18, 24, and 36-month Traditional Share Certificates at competitive rates. Traditional Share Certificates are able to be opened with an initial deposit, and no further deposits can be made to them and no withdrawals may be made from them. All of our term shares certificates, with the exception of the 36-month product, can be purchased with a minimum $1,000 deposit. Our 36-month term share requires a $5,000 deposit.

Please note: Any term share products that fall below the minimum required balance will automatically be charged a 90-day dividend penalty and closed.

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Account Type APR* APY** Minimum
Primary Shares 0.21% 0.21% $20
IRA Shares, Club Accounts, Custodial, and Trust Accounts 0.15% 0.15% $20
Money Markets 0.75% 0.75% $25,000
Money Markets 0.99% 1.00% $100,000
Share Draft 0.15% 0.15% $300
Term Share Certificates APR* APY** Minimum
6 Months FLEX Share Certificate 0.998% 1.000% $1,000
12 Month FLEX Share Certificate 1.982% 2.000% $1,000
12 Month Liquid Share Certificate 1.888% 1.900% $1,000
15 Month Traditional Share Certificate 1.986% 2.000% $1,000
18 Month Traditional Share Certificate 2.173% 2.200% $1,000
24 Month Traditional Share Certificate 2.370% 2.400% $1,000
36 Month Traditional Share Certificate 2.467% 2.500% $5,000
IRA Term Share Accounts APR* APY** Minimum
12 Months 1.982% 2.000% $500
36 Months 2.467% 2.500% $500
60 Months 2.670% 2.700% $500