Credit Cards

Low Interest VISA® Credit Cards

Our VISA® Credit Cards all have zero annual fees and rates that you won't find at any other financial institution. All of our VISA® Cards (except for the Secured Card) have a wide variety of benefits including Reward Points. This includes travel up to $500,000.00 and exceptional travel and emergency services.

Fixed APR

At Academic, what you see is what you get. Unlike other companies with variable interest rates, our VISA® Credit Cards all have fixed interest rates. You'll get the card that you qualify for, and the APR will not change.

Experience true financial freedom! Contact us to learn more about your APR and credit card limit with the new Academic FCU VISA® Card.

Our Card


VISA® Secured

The Academic FCU VISA® Secured Card is a credit card that you have to secure the funds against. (EX: If you desire a $1,000.00 secured card, you will need the $1,000.00 in your Academic FCU account to secure it against.) The secured amount will be on hold for the life of the card. The money will not be released unless you no longer wish to have the Secured Card.

The Secured Card is a great way to build credit for those without previous credit history or previously bad credit. There is a minimum limit of $500.00 and a fixed interest rate of 10.90%. There are no annual fees, however, the Secure Card does not offer the same benefits and perks of our other cards.

Lost/Stolen Credit Cards: 800-299-9842

Credit Card Rewards

Log In

You can log in to GoToMyCard at

GoToMyCard includes access to the following features:

  • Account Summary – View a snapshot of your account, including the balance, payment due date, payment amount, available credit, credit line, and more. Most information is updated during our credit card processor’s evening processing. Some information, such as payments, may take a few business days to be reflected in your balances.

  • Activity & Statements – View all posted transactions and a statement summary, including the current statement balance, previous statement balance, amount in purchases, credits, and payments, and any applicable finance charges.

  • Make a Payment – Schedule one-time or recurring payments from an HVFCU checking account or a checking account with another financial institution.

  • Transfer a Balance – Transfer a balance from another financial institution to your HVFCU credit card.

  • File a Transaction Dispute – Visit the customer service page to file a transaction dispute.

  • Account Alerts – Receive email alerts for the following:

    • Payment due

    • Payment posted

    • Payment missed

    • Balance tracking

    • Merchant refund/credit issued

    • Purchase exceeds specified amount

  • Texting Messaging (SMS) – Enroll to receive your account details via instant text message. Available text message commands include:

    • BAL: Balance and available credit

    • ACT: Most recent posted transactions

    • DUE: Payment due date, minimum amount due, and last payment date/amount

  • Download Account Activity – Download statement transactions for use with personal financial management software, such as Quicken or Microsoft Money.

Technical Assistance

If you are experiencing technical difficulties or have questions about the GoToMyCard website please call 800-442-4757.


Rewards include the following:

  • Travel including airline tickets, ticket credits, cruises and vacation getaways

  • 300,000+ Merchandise items

  • 150+ Gift Cards and e-cards

  • Prepaid Cards and Cash Back