Auto Loans


New/Used Auto Loans

New Auto Loans through the credit union couldn't be easier! Don't hassle taking a loan from a car dealership when you can take it right from us at a lower rate. We offer payroll deduction from your employer so you'll never have to worry about whether or not you remembered to make your monthly payment on time. Installment loans are also a great way to build your credit score! How can you go wrong?

  • Term: Up To 84 Months

  • If you can find a better rate from a competitor, we'll match it. Call us at 914-923-3608 to learn more

In addition to our great new Auto Loan rates, our used Auto Loan rates are equally competitive. However, the older the car you are looking to purchase, the shorter the financing period.

Visit our online Auto Buying Center.



Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

Best for: People who have an Auto or Motorcycle Loan with Academic FCU.

  • Covers the remaining loan balance that an insurance carrier doesn't cover after an accident

  • One time fee at time of loan disbursement

  • Eliminates out of pocket expenses

  • Protects your credit rating

Vintage Cars More Your Style?

If you're interested in purchasing a vehicle over 5 years old you might want to consider taking an ALL Loan. There are no limitations on what you can spend the money on and the monthly rate is extremely manageable for any budget.

Did you know Academic FCU also finances motorcycles. They are financed in the same ways as Auto Loans, with the lowest APR*. To apply please visit our online loan application here, and select "Auto" under loan type.

The Board of Directors has the right to change all rates without advance notice.