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Loan Rates

Vehicle Loans
Type Term APR*
Rates as Low as
New Vehicles Up to 84 Months 1.99%
Used Vehicles Up to 60 Months 2.24%
ALL Loans
Amount Term APR*
$20,000 96 Months Prime + 4.00%
$17,500 84 Months Prime + 3.75%
$15,000 72 Months Prime + 2.75%
Visa Credit Card
Type of Card
Classic 15.4%
Gold 12.4%
Platinum 10.9%
Secured 10.9%

No Annual Fee, No Cash Advance Fee (finance charges will begin accruing immediately on cash advances)

Other Loans
Type Term APR*
Line of Credit Up to 60 Months 9.00%
Signature Loan          $500 minimum up to $14,999 Up to 60 months Rates As Low As
Debt Consolidation/PEARL Loan Up to 108 months  9.00%
Secured Loans
  Term APR*
Fully Share Secured Up to 120 Months 3% over secured account
Partially Share Secured Up to 60 Months 5% over secured account
Credit Life Insurance
Credit Disability $0.195 per hundred of monthly loan balance*
Single Credit Life $0.067 per hundred of monthly loan balance*
Joint Credit Life $0.107 per hundred of monthly loan balance*
*Maximum Insurable amount is $30,000 Maximum Age for Disability Insurance is 66, Life Insurance is 70

Collection Costs: You agree to pay all costs of collecting the amount you owe under this agreement, including court costs and reasonable attorney fees.

If you allow your account to become 15 days or more delinquent, you are charged a $15.00 late fee. Additionally, please be advised that the credit union reports to the credit bureaus and maintaining a delinquency can negatively affect your credit rating. If a member loan goes more than 45 days without payment it is referred to our collections department for further action.

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate

The Board of Directors has the right to change all rates without advance notice. Please check with credit union for current rates.