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Fee Schedule - as of April 2016

Service Fee
Membership Entrance Fee $0.00
Overdraft Fee $15.00
This charge is to transfer funds from your share account to your share draft account to cover a check that would otherwise be returned as non-sufficient funds
There is a limit 6 transfers per month; thereafter, checks will be returned as per Federal regulation
NSF: Nonsufficient Funds Items (each) $30.00
Deposits returned unpaid (each) $20.00
Stop payments
   Personal Drafts $15.00
   Corporate Drafts $30.00
    ACH $30.00
Certified Draft $3.00
Third Party Bank Draft $5.00
Share Draft Copy $3.00
Draft Printing (fee depends on style of drafts ordered)
Domestic Wire Transfers (outgoing) $15.00
International Wire Transfers (outgoing) $32.00
Copies of Statements (per statement) $3.00
Express Mail Cost of Item
Returned Mail Fee $20.00
Replacement Debit & Credit Cards
   1st loss Free
   Each Additional Replacement $25.00 per card
Duplicate Card $25.00

Expedited Debit/Credit Card

Visa Exchange Rate 1% of transaction
ATM* Fees
   First 5 per month FREE
   Each additional transaction $0.50
Account Research (Minimum 1 hour charge) $20.00 per hour
Verification of Mortgages & Deposit $15.00
Loan Late Fee (after 15 days) $15.00
Loan Reapplication Fee $25.00
If reapplying within 12 months of previous loan denial. Refundable if approved
Dormant Account Fee (after 1 year dormant) $5.00 per month
Foreign Item Processing $3-$20
(depends on processing cost)


Closing account within 90 days of opening $15.00
Returned bill pay item $45.00
Stop payment for bill pay items $42.00


 * ATM locations can be found at  or