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Credit Cards

Our four different VISA credit cards all have zero annual fees and amazing rates that you won't find at any other financial institution. All of our VISA cards (except for the secured card) have a wide variety of benefits including ScoreCard Reward Points. This includes travel and accident insurance up to $500,000 and exceptional travel and emergency services.

FIXED APR: At Academic, what you see is what you get. Unlike other companies with variable interest rates, our VISA Credit Cards all have fixed interest rates. You'll get the card that you qualify for, and the APR will not change.

Our Cards:

Experience true financial freedom with the Academic FCU VISA Platinum Card. The Platinum Card is accepted everywhere, has no annual fees, no cash advance fee, and offers the LOWEST APR in the COUNTRY!

Our Visa Gold Card has a maximum limit of $25,000 and a fixed interest rate of 12.4%. In addition to zero annual fees and no cash advance fee, this card offers all the same benefits and perks as our Platinum Card.

Our most popular plastic, the Academic FCU VISA Classic Card has a minimum limit of $500.00 and a maximum limit of $10,000. This card has a fixed interest rate of 15.4%, and offers all the same perks and benefits as our Platinum and Gold Cards.


The Academic FCU VISA Secured Card is a credit card that you have to secure the funds against. (EX: If you desire a $1,000.00 secured card, you will need the $1,000.00 in your Academic FCU account to secure it against.) The secured amount will be on hold for the life of the card. The money will not be released unless you no longer wish to have the Secured Card.

The Secured Card is a great way to build credit for those without previous credit history or previously bad credit. There is a minimum limit of $500.00 and a fixed interest rate of 10.9%. There are no annual fees, however, the Secure Card does not offer the same benefits and perks of our other cards.

Additional Information:

  • Call 1-800-299-9842 for lost or stolen Credit Cards


These cards have great rates and no annual fees (see rates for details). All of Academic FCU’s Visa cards, except for the secured card, have a wide variety of benefits including Scorecard Reward Points (click here to see rewards). Travel and Accident insurance up to $500,000, as well as Travel and Emergency Services are also benefits of our VISA cards. The emergency services include: ticket replacement services, pet housing and/or pet return, translation services and assistance, and transportation assistance. Travel services are: legal referral assistance, lost luggage locator assistance, medical referral assistance, partner program discounts, personal travel agent service, prescription assistance and valuable document delivery assistance, pre-trip assistance and replacement of corrective lenses and medical devices. These services are available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year just call toll-free to 877-860-1099. These services are accessible worldwide by calling 415-352-2160. Your card also has Warranty services including extended warranty, warranty registration and extended service agreements.

The Academic FCU Visa also has a wide variety of payment options. You can make your payment directly to Visa via the mail or at the credit union. You also have the ability to have the payment taken directly from your share account, with the option to make a minimum payment, pay a specific percentage or pay in full each month. Another great option is online access through This site will let you make payments, check transactions and available credit as well as other valuable tools in tracking your Visa usage.

There is also a toll free customer service number available to answer questions about your Academic FCU Visa Card 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can verify your most recent activity, see if payments were credited, check available credit limit and report your card lost or stolen. That number is 1-800-299-9842.

Your Academic FCU Visa card is now equipped with Verified by Visa. The Verified by VISA password protects your card for free. Register your card now and it will protect you at every participating online store, so only you can use your card.

Visa cardholders are now able to conveniently change their PIN number via telephone by calling a toll-free number (866)297-3408. (Please note cardholder must know current pin number in order to change the pin number). Click here to go to our easy to use online loan application to apply for your Academic FCU Visa today.


*APR = Annual Percentage Rate