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All Loan

All-Inclusive Low-Rate Low-Payment Loan!

Our most popular loan product here at Academic FCU, the ALL Loan covers it ALL. Use the money for whatever you need with no money down.

Amount Term
$20,000 96 Month
$17,500 84 Months
$15,000 72 Months

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  •   Monthly payment includes insurance.
  •   Payments will NOT go up in the first 3 years of the loan.
  •   Rate is variable based on prime after first 3 years.
  •   No Co-Signers May be Used.
  •   New money only.



Frequently Asked Questions:

What exactly is an ALL Loan?

The ALL Loan is an All-inclusive, Low-rate, Low-payment Loan which includes short term disability insurance. Your monthly payment covers it ALL. This is a new money only loan. You may not refinance or pay off any current debt owed to the Academic FCU with the proceeds of this loan. 

Are there any restrictions on what the ALL Loan can be used for?

No. You can use this loan for any purpose you desire. However, if you need to pay off a debt to qualify, we require that the ALL Loan must pay the debt and that credit line be closed. 

How much do I need in my Academic FCU account to receive an ALL Loan?

To apply for an ALL Loan, all you need is the $20 minimum deposit in your Share Account. 

I am not a member of the Academic FCU. Can I join and then apply for an ALL Loan right away? 

You can apply to be a member and submit your ALL Loan application simultaneously. 

Once I am approved, how soon will I get my check?

Your ALL Loan will be disbursed upon approval, which generally takes 3-5 business days.  


For more information please call 914.923.3608