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My Academic FCU Visa® Scorecard Rewards Points Vacation

A message from the CEO: Ina C. Fitch

Hi Everyone –
I’m not sure if you remember but in the Summer 2016 newsletter I wrote an article about using my Scorecard points for a vacation. Well here we are in the Summer of 2017 and I finally took that vacation! I opted to go to Italy with my honey. My Scorecard points bought us the airline tickets, now I will admit to you they weren’t the best seats the plane had to offer, but it was a non-stop flight from New York to Rome and for a few dollars I upgraded the seats. I could afford to do that because the tickets cost me nothing. Just using my Academic FCU debit and credit cards earned me the points I needed to take the trip. When we were in Florence we did a lot of shopping. Florence is famous for its Leather Market and for Ponte Vecchio, which is the heart of the gold market. We had just started shopping and bought a beautiful gold chain that my honey had been wanting. After much bargaining, we finally settled on a price and I handed the store owner my Academic FCU Visa® card. The receipt printed out and before I could even sign it my phone chimed.

I have always told people to use the Academic FCU card while traveling but this was the first time I personally experienced how fast the fraud alert came and I was happily surprised that it came to me across the Atlantic Ocean and as a Free Message. It really was as awesome as I said it would be… imagine that!

Throughout the trip I used my Academic FCU Mobile App to check my balance and see what transactions had cleared my account. I opened my account up and every transaction was there and the ones that had not cleared yet were listed under Held Funds. The six-hour time difference meant nothing, the app worked perfectly every time I needed it.

HOORAY for my Academic FCU membership!

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