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Direct Deposit

It's the fast, reliable, convenient, safe and worry-free way to deposit your paycheck or other recurring deposits. Your recurring deposits are made electronically to your share draft or share account automatically. Qualifying deposits include salary, pension, Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits and other regular monthly income.

The advantages of direct deposit are:

  • You get same-day access to your deposit without making a trip to the bank, even when you're out of town
  • You can set up direct deposit alerts to your email or mobile device to let you know when your money is deposited
  • Direct deposit lets you deposit funds across multiple credit union accounts

What you'll need to set up direct deposit

  • Your Academic FCU account and ABA routing numbers and your employer's address.
  • If your funds come from the US Treasury you can use this easy link to set up your direct deposit
  • Or you can simply complete this form and send it to your employer