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A completed enrollment application must be submitted for AcademicFCU Online service access. Please allow up to 10 days for processing. Upon completion we will mail you instructions and a temporary PIN for the banking service. Your will be able to use your PIN along with your account number to log onto the system. Please remember to change your PIN when you first logon to your account.

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Electronic Signature & Authorization
You desire to have access to AcademicFCU Online, and authorize the credit union and any third party acting on our behalf, to serve as your agent in processing payments and/or transfers to and from targeted accounts pursuant to our payments and/or transfer instructions, and you authorize the Credit Union to post such payment and/or transfer to your designated accounts(s). You understand that the Credit Union may not make certain payments and/or transfers if sufficient funds are not available in your designated account. This authorization is in force until revoked by you or the Credit Union in writing and is subject to AcademicFCU Online Terms and Conditions.
Submitting this application is your indication that you have read and agree to the AcademicFCU Online Terms and Conditions.
Once you click submit below, you will NOT be able to edit your entries. Please take a moment to verify that all the information you have entered above is correct. If you need to make any changes, make those changes now prior to clicking the submit button.