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Q. What is a VISA debit card?

A. Quite simply, it’s a card that accesses your share draft account. It looks like a VISA credit card, but acts like a check. To get a debit card you must first have a share draft account.

Q. Is a VISA debit card easy to use?

A. It’s not only easy to use, there are no finance charges! You can use it to make purchases at any retail location that accepts VISA. The merchant will handle the transaction just like any credit card, but instead of receiving a bill like you would with a credit card, the money is taken out of your share draft account automatically. For cash advances, go to any ATM displaying the VISA logo.

Q. How do I keep track of my transactions?

A. Each transaction you make with a debit card will appear on your regular share draft statement, complete with the name and location of the merchant or bank with whom you did business. Please list all transactions in your register as you make them to keep your account in balance at all times.

Q. Is there a limit on my VISA debit card?

A. Yes. The amount you have in your shard draft account. Additionally there is cash withdrawal limit of $400.00 per day.

Q. What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

A. Notify the Credit Union immediately by calling (914) 923-3608.

Q. What are some of the benefits of a debit card?


  • Reduces share draft cashing
  • Lets you get cash at banks that accept VISA
  • No finance charges
  • Get transactions listed on a monthly statement
  • Accepted worldwide

Q. Is a debit card really more convenient than share drafts?

A. The debit card is more convenient to use when you’re out of town, or if a check is not acceptable. The debit card is also great for mail order identification and for guaranteeing reservations.

A card that acts like a check sounds great! Please send me a VISA debit card today! I (we) understand that by submitting this application, I (we) agree to the terms in the membership disclosure packet.

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